Tropic Marin Plus-NP 250mL

Tropic Marin Plus-NP 250mL

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In order to thrive, corals require certain minimum concentrations of phosphates and nitrogen compounds for their metabolism and the metabolism of their zooxanthellae. Aquariums that are very low in nutrients (ULNS = ultra low nutrient system) are particularly prone to a lack of these compounds. Due to the effectiveness of mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration, it's easily possible to run an ultra-low-nutrient system (ULNS). Running nutrient levels chronically undetectable for a prolonged period of time can begin to impact coral growth and coloration, as well as encourage undesirable organisms such as dinoflagellates to take over. 

In order to help our reef tanks thrive, dosing a quality nitrogen and phosphorus supplement may become necessary. Tropic Marin® Plus-NP provides these phosphates and nitrogen compounds in concentrations that are tailored to the corals’ needs. As they are bound by an organic energy source, nitrogen and phosphates can be utilized by corals more efficiently than inorganic nutritional salt additives. This approach minimizes the loss of nutrients caused by denitrification and adsorption, prevents nutrient deficiency in the corals and restores growth.

The liquid concentrate Plus-NP is easy to use and is suitable both for manual dosing and for dosing pumps

- A highly concentrated phosphate and nitrogen solution to counteract nutrient limitations for corals
- Designed specifically for reef aquariums that are very low in nutrients (ULNS = ultra low nutrient system)
- Suitable for an aquarium stocked with soft corals, LPS and SPS
- Easy-to-dose liquid solution
- Suitable for both manual dosage and for dosing pumps


On first use, rotate the dispenser pump head counterclockwise until it pops out.

Add 1 ml (1 pump-full) to every 100 l/26 US-gal. of aquarium system volume every day until the nutrient limitation in the corals has been rectified and the corals display a normal level of growth and coloration.

Maximum dose: 1 ml per 100 l/26 US-gal. of aquarium system volume daily.