Teco UV Sterilizer Kit

Teco UV Sterilizer Kit

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Ultra-violet (UV) sterilizer kit compatible with TR15, TR20, TR30 and TR60 chillers. Easy to install - takes less than 10 minutes. No tools required. Includes installation guide. 

Comes with UV lamp, quartz sleeve, ballast, starter for UV lamp, mounting screws for ballast, zip ties for wiring and an installation guide. Tools recommended for this installation include: channel lock pliers (or similar), phillips-head screwdriver and wire cutters. 

If you are also purchasing a compatible chiller
As a courtesy to our customers, your chiller will arrive with Heater Kit(s) and/or UV Sterilizer Kit(s) pre-installed at no extra charge, and is performed during pre-shipment QC inspection/testing. Accessories purchased exceeding the ports available will ship in their original packaging. If you would prefer not to have any accessories pre-installed, please indicate as such in the "Additional Comments" field during checkout.