SpectraPure Enduro-DI High-Performance Mixed-Bed DI Cartridge 10" (Model DI-MB-ENDI-10)

SpectraPure Enduro-DI High-Performance Mixed-Bed DI Cartridge 10" (Model DI-MB-ENDI-10)

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The SpectraPure Enduro-DI High-Performance Mixed-Bed DI Cartridge 10" (Model DI-MB-ENDI-10) is the latest addition to SpectraPure’s line of high performance and specialty DI cartridges. With a longer lifespan than the legacy mixed-bed or SilicaBuster DI cartridges, the Enduro DI spends more time producing water at ultra-pure levels (18.2 megohms) before dropping off when resins become depleted.

Typical mixed-bed DI cartridges can produce ultra-pure water initially, but after a short period of usage the resin’s maximum removal levels start to diminish, until with continued usage, purity will finally trend below acceptable levels and the cartridge is considered “exhausted”. The Enduro DI performance curve is flatter at the top, not dropping downward until much later in the cartridge’s life, spending the majority of it’s lifespan at maximum removal levels and with very little time at reduced levels prior to cartridge depletion.

When used in a multi-stage DI system and configured as a polishing DI stage placed downstream from a MaxCap or Mega MaxCap DI roughing stage, the life of the Enduro DI increases dramatically. This translates into cost savings with fewer replacement cartridges to buy and more ultra high-purity water production between changes.

  • Standard twist top shell, 3" x 10", fits in virtually all standard 10" filter housings
  • Designed to produce ultra high-purity (18.2 megohms) deionized water for extended periods
  • Maintains ultra high purity water production characteristics well through the life of the cartridge
  • Optimized for use as a final polishing DI stage when used in a multi-stage DI configuration
  • Removes all traces of silica, nitrates, phosphates and ionized impurities
  • Extended cartridge longevity over the legacy SilicaBuster DI or conventional mixed-bed cartridges
  • Aluminized Mylar packaging eliminates resin degradation while in storage Interchangeable with Captive Purity, Kent Marine, AWI, BRS and most other residential/aquarium DI or RO/DI systems