SpectraPure Automatic Shut-Off Float Kit (ASOFK)

SpectraPure Automatic Shut-Off Float Kit (ASOFK)

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  • SpectraPure Model ASOFK
  • Positive shut-off; completely shuts off all waste and product water
  • The Auto Shut-Off Float Kit is not recommended for evaporation replacement in aquariums. For these applications we recommend either the SpectraPure Automatic Liquid Level Controllers: Single Tank Liquid Replenisher.


  • Auto Shut-Off (ASO) Valve. Pressure-operated device that shuts off the water supply to the RO membrane when the product line pressure equals 2/3 of the supply line pressure.
  • 1# Check Valve. Prevents pressure in the product water line line from leaking back into the RO membrane.
  • Float Valve. Installed in conjunction with the ASO valve. shuts off product water going into the open reservoir.