SpectraPure 300GPD 2:1 Output Upgrade Kit (MEM-UK-300-2:1)

SpectraPure 300GPD 2:1 Output Upgrade Kit (MEM-UK-300-2:1)

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SpectraPure 300GPD Membrane Upgrade Kit:

  • Upgrade your existing DUAL RO membrane system to 300 GPD! 
  • Low Waste Flow Restrictor for a 2:1 waste to product ratio*
  • Easy To Install - Membrane, tubing, and flow restrictor with directions for a swift easy install. 
  • These add on kits contain everything you need to increase the output GPD (gallons per day) of your existing RO System. 
*This is not meant for SINGLE RO Membrane Systems*
*If you have a water softener or softened water, go with the 1600ML 2:1 Upgrade Kit.
*If you have hard water or no softener, then go with the 2400ML 3:1 Upgrade Kit.