Sera Blackwater Aquatan 100mL

Sera Blackwater Aquatan 100mL

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For a natural blackwater effect as in the tropics

  • Lively and healthy fish, shrimps and crayfish
  • Water according to the original biotopes supports coloration and natural behavior
  • Immediately binds heavy metals
  • No pH value alterations
  • Reduced algae growth due to reduced light
  • Long lasting water tint
  • Extremely economic

sera blackwater aquatan with the Bio-Protect Formula conditions tap water to dark, clear, fish friendly freshwater just like in tropic waters.

Recommended dosage

Add one capful blackwater aquatan, filled up to the end of the outer corrugation (0.3 fl.oz. / 10 ml) per each 13.2 US gal. (50 liters) of aquarium water. A brief turbidity is desired and shows the efficacy of the product. The turbidity will disappear within a few hours, the water will then be dark and clear.