Seachem Purigen 100-ml.

Seachem Purigen 100-ml.

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Seachem Purigen is a premium synthetic adsorbent that is unlike any other filtration product. It is not a mixture of ion exchangers or adsorbents, but a unique macro-porous synthetic polymer that removes soluble and insoluble impurities from water at a rate and capacity that exceeds all others by over 500%. Purigen controls ammonia, nitrites and nitrates by removing nitrogenous organic waste that would otherwise release these harmful compounds.

  •     For freshwater & saltwater aquariums
  •     Comes in flow through bag
  •     Purigen controls ammonia, nitrites and nitrates
  •     Purigen’s impact on trace elements is minimal
  •     Polishes water
  •     Purigen darkens progressively as it exhausts, and is easily renewed by treating with bleach