Seachem De-nitrate 500-ml.

Seachem De-nitrate 500-ml.

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Seachem De-nitrate removes nitrates, nitrites, ammonia, and organics from both fresh and marine water. The high porosity of De-nitrate supports the proliferation of both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria that further remove these toxic aquarium byproducts. Even when exhausted as an organic adsorbent, de-nitrate continues to be an excellent support for the biological filter and does not have to be removed.

For nitrate removal in freshwater & saltwater aquariums

This 500 ml container treats 50 gallons. As long as nitrate concentrations remain under control, the product is not exhausted.

De-Nitrate should be placed in a place with a flow of water, such as in a canister filter, chemical filtration module or box filter