RK2 5AC Protein Fractionator

RK2 5AC Protein Fractionator

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RK2 5AC Protein Fractionator


Meet the newest models of RK2’s commercial foam fractionator lineup! Our AC series is designed for lower flow rate applications while keeping the performance and quality that larger RK2 models have become known for. RK2 Systems nearly 30 years of engineering experience, combined with extensive R&D we are proud to offer a truly commercial grade foam fractionator for aquarium professionals, home hobbyists, and aquaculture professionals alike. These units are built to withstand the most demanding applications. We utilize a design that is based on proven science and volume metrics to bring you the best performing fractionators available today.


All RK2 fractionators utilize a true counter current design. That means the incoming (dirty) water enters high on the reaction chamber or vessel. The incoming water then travels downward through the rising air, which is injected low inside the reaction chamber, before exiting the bottom of the reaction chamber. In comparison, a co-current designed model has its incoming, (dirty), water and air/water mixture entering at the same level inside the foam fractionator. Once inside the fractionator, both the incoming water and air/water mixture travel in the same direction, which offers little to no mixing and operates at a much shorter contact/dwell time.


The AC series is made from the highest quality materials available. Our ozone resistant base and transition piece are made from molded HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). The reaction chamber (body), cone/riser, and collection cup are made from 1/4" acrylic. All AC Units feature a Mazzei venturi injector with dedicated ozone port, allowing for precise control of main air flow and seperate control of ozone injection. Both the ozone port and Mazzei injector are made from ozone resistant Kynar, allowing reliable and safe use of ozone without the fear of parts breaking down from exposure to ozone.


Comes with 1/8hp circualtion pump.

Standard Features

  • 10" Acrylic Reaction Chamber
  • Grey Sch 40 PVC Plumbing
  • Molded HDPE Base
  • Acrylic Collection Cup and Cone
  • Easy To Remove Screw Top Lid
  • Air Flow Meter for Fine Adjustments
  • Easy to Adjust Gate Valve on Discharge
  • Dedicated Ozone Port
  • Kynar Mazzei Venturi Injector
  • No Penetrations through Acrylic means less stress and no cracking