Red Sea Reefer Deluxe XXL 625 G2+ System (132 Gal) Black w/ 3x ReefLED 90

Red Sea Reefer Deluxe XXL 625 G2+ System (132 Gal) Black w/ 3x ReefLED 90

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The REEFER G2+ series of reef-ready aquarium systems comes in a huge variety of sizes, includes top-of-the-line infrastructure, filtration, water management and the ReefATO+ system. It is designed to allow hobbyists complete freedom of choice to use all their preferred or existing hardware in building the reef tank of their dreams.


G2+ Features

  • Includes a 3-in-1 ReefATO+ auto top-off system with temperature monitor and external leak detector
  • ReefLED 90 or 160 light(s) & mounting arm(s) included with all REEFER Deluxe models
  • Rimless ultra-clear, beveled-edge glass with increased thickness
  • Extra-fortified plywood marine-spec laminated cabinets (with additional aluminum “floating tank” supports on REEFER 625 G2+ models and bigger)
  • Dual side-facing return pump outlets for better water distribution (On REEFER 350 G2+ models and bigger)
  • Large central overflow box to hide piping, with a large surface skimmer with removable weir comb for easy cleaning
  • Silent downflow system with enlarged rectangular inlet to reduce turbulence
  • Assembly-ready piping now with extra bulkhead connectors in both Metric and USA sizes for customized setups
  • New and improved high-precision valve on the downflow pipe for easier flow regulation and near-silent operation
  • Professional REEF-SPEC sump, including:
    • Mechanical filtration media compartment complete with micron filters and filter cups
    • Adjustable height skimmer chamber
    • Bubble trap
    • RO Reservoir
    • Plug & play ready for ReefMat 500 or 1200 Auto Filter Roller (sold separately)
    • Additional chamber for chillers, controllers, or other equipment (on most models)

New to the G2+ -- 3-in-1 ReefATO+

Every REEFER G2+ model includes a ReefATO+, an exceptionally reliable and smart auto top-off system. The ReefATO+ is more than just an ATO-- it also includes an accurate temperature monitor and external leak detector, coupled with a smart controller that connects to the ReefBeat ecosystem. 

  • Fully-featured online digital temperature monitor accurate to 0.1 degree
  • Reliable leak detector with audible alarm
  • Slimline multi-input titanium probe water level sensor
  • Strong magnetic corner mounting bracket
  • Precise water level monitoring
  • Built-in safety shutoffs under the following scenarios:
    • Sensor isn't connected
    • Pump runs dry
    • Leak is detected 
    • Pump runs longer than normal
  • Track water level and temperatures in the ReefBeat app
  • Powerful, quiet, and slim 1.8" diameter pump that fits in most ATO reservoirs
  • ReefBeat connected smart controller included


Extra-fortified Glass and Marine-Spec Cabinets

The G2+ series of REEFER aquariums are rimless and constructed from ultra-clear, beveled-edge glass with an increased glass thickness of up to 19mm. These strong glass tanks sit atop newly fortified cabinet stands made of plywood and with Marine-Spec, water-resistant lamination. Each cabinet stand follows the contours of the aquarium glass, with the larger REEFER G2+ models featuring an additional “floating tank” aluminum support. Adjustable leveling feet & stainless steel hinges ensure a lasting and durable stand for your dream aquarium.


Improved Water Management & Plumbing

Up top, the G2+ REEFER systems employ a large overflow box with dual side-facing return pumps for optimal water circulation and increased surface skimming. The overflow box includes a lid which hides plumbing components, as well as easily-removable weir combs for quick cleaning and improved surface skimming. Water then exits from the overflow box and travels down an enlarged and rectangular inlet to the downflow pipe, allowing for reduced turbulence & quieter operation. All G2+ models also include a high precision valve on the downflow pipe, allowing for simple regulation to further tune your flow.


Reef-Ready Sump– Now ReefMat Compatible

As with the previous generation of REEFER, the G2+ sump includes a mechanical filtration compartment complete with micron filter sock(s) and filter cup(s) to keep large pieces of debris and detritus from clogging pumps and other pieces of equipment. This chamber can be alternatively used to house a ReefMat 500 or 1200-- no modifications required! Water flows from the filtration chamber into the adjustable-height skimmer compartment, where the water will be kept at a steady level to aid in the best performance for your choice of skimmer, or any other filtration components that you choose to include. The water will then flow through the final bubble trap and into a chamber where the return pump (not included) can be placed to pump water back through the Reefer tank's return plumbing.

Additional features of the Reef-Ready sump system include an RO reservoir that can hold a few days worth of top off water to keep the water level, salinity and flow rates consistent throughout the tank.


3+2 Extended Warranty Plans

All REEFER aquariums have included a standard 2-year warranty. With the G2+ models, you can purchase an additional 1-2 year warranty plan when registering your new system online. That’s a total of 5 years of worry-free protection!



All Deluxe REEFER models include ReefLED 90 or 160 light(s) with mounting arm(s) for optimal coral growth right out of the box. Each ReefLED offers a compact LED array providing reef-safe lighting through a single channel that combines ultraviolet, violet, and blue LEDs; in addition to a 9,000 Kelvin white channel and a separate dedicated 3W Moonlight channel for night time viewing.

All ReefLED lights are equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi that allows total control via ReefBeat smart aquarium app (which controls all Red Sea devices). The app includes pre-set lighting programs, along with additional features such as sunrise/sunset effects, lunar cycle moon light, random clouds and even an acclimation program for new installations.

Each Deluxe REEFER model includes either ReefLED 90 or ReefLED 160S lighting units, along with the appropriate number of mounting arms. The arms attach firmly onto the rear wall of the tank and can be rotated to the upright position during reef scaping or other tank maintenance.




  • Display Tank Dimensions - 59"L x 23.6"H x 25.6"W
  • Display Tank Volume - 132 Gallons
  • Total System Height - 58.3"
  • Total System Volume - 164 Gallons
  • Sump Volume - 32 Gallons
  • Front Glass Thickness - 3/4"
  • Side Glass Thickness - 3/4"
  • Bottom Glass Thickness - 5/8"
  • Included Lighting - 3x ReefLED 90s + mounting arms
  • ATO Pump Power - 6-10W
  • ATO Pump Max Flow - 75 gph
  • ATO Pump Max Head - 8ft