Red Sea MAX S-Series 650 Black LED Upgrade Kit

Red Sea MAX S-Series 650 Black LED Upgrade Kit

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See your MAX S in a whole new light!

Dear Fellow Reef Hobbyist,

Thank you for your interest in upgrading your existing Red Sea MAX-S to incorporate our new LED lighting system.

The new LED system is designed to seamlessly retrofit to all existing MAX® S T5 units and is available as an upgrade kit. The MAX® S LED upgrade kit includes the lighting chassis with black or white trim and 2, 3 or 4 LED modules according to which model of MAX® S you have.

The LED modules are fully programmable with a wide variety of features and are seamlessly linked together using integrated Wi-Fi, making them easily controlled by smartphone, tablet or Wi-Fi enabled computer.

Upgrading to the new LED system not only brings a whole host of new possibilities and flexibility but significantly reduces running costs.