Real Reef Frag Rock Bucket ( 200 Count )

Real Reef Frag Rock Bucket ( 200 Count )

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Real Reef Rock is a made of 100% natural marine friendly ingredients. Its components are made of the same building blocks which wild coral and living reef rock are composed of. The ingredients are not taken from the ocean and as a result there is zero environmental impact to the world's coral reefs or marine habitat. Our product is also grown here in the U.S. in closed systems, which also avoids additional environmental impact to the ocean environment via mariculture or ocean farming.

These rocks come in a variety of different shapes. They look like real reef rock and/or coraline algae rock. They should fit right in your reef and are designed in various sizes/types to fit your needs.

  • Zoa Cups
  • SPS Head intentions
  • Small Cups for soft corals, clams, etc
  • Encrusting Pads for montipora's, etc.

The end result is a 100% natural eco friendly Live Rock alternative for the consumer, made and grown in the U.S.A product that consistently looks better than any of its wild or ocean cultured counterparts.