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The Python HOOK makes routine water changes much easier and faster. Designed for use with the Python No Spill Clean and Fill, the Python HOOK seamlessly integrates onto the switch for a hands-free experience! Constructed with the highest quality American made, BPA, Arsenic & Lead Free materials, you can safely refill your aquarium with peace of mind.

Using the Python Hook:

While in the drain position, with the switch closed, unscrew the gravel tube at the switch.

Attach the "Hook" onto your aquarium. At your sink adjust water temperature and place pump in the fill position.

Return to your tank and slowly open the switch. If you are filling multiple tanks, close the switch and move to the next tank, slowly open the switch.

When finishing filling, close the switch and go directly back to your sink and put the pump in the drain position.

Go back to your tank and open the switch, remove the "hook" and coil the system up to store.

Never leave the "Hook" unattended when filling yoru tanks as this may cause over filling or flooding.