Nyos Phosphate+ 1000mL

Nyos Phosphate+ 1000mL

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Control of nutrients made easy.

  • Only raises the nitrate value
  • No undesirable additives
  • High degree of purity

Nyos® NITRATE+ and PHOSPHATE+ allows you to raise nitrate and phosphate levels quickly, easily and safely.

The correct nitrate and phosphate levels (also referred to as nutrients) play an important role in modern reef aquariums.

If nitrate and phosphate levels are low, the corals will initially begin to starve and their growth will falter. If the deficiency persists, their colours will fade and their tissue will dissolve.

An imbalance between nitrate and phosphate leads to algae growth and deficiency symptoms in corals.

The experience of many coral breeders has shown that the nitrate value should lie between 10-20 ppm and the phosphate value between 0.025-0.05 ppm. Nyos® NITRATE+ and PHOSPHATE+ allows you to precisely raise these two values to the desired concentration.



1,000 ml NITRATE+ contains 100,000 mg NO3.

1,000 ml PHOSPHATE+ contains 1,000 mg PO4


1 ml NITRATE+ increases the nitrate value in a 100 l (25 gal) aquarium by 1 ppm

1 ml PHOSPHATE+ increases the phosphate value in a 100 l (25 gal) aquarium by 0.01 ppm

We recommend measuring the nitrate and phosphate levels at least twice weekly.

Recommended NO3 value: 10-20 ppm

Recommended PO4 value: 0.025 - 0.05 ppm

Using a dosing pump, it is possible to add Nyos NITRATE+ and PHOSPHATE+ to balance the daily consumption of NO3 and PO4.