Neptune Systems ATK V2 Automatic Top-Off Kit

Neptune Systems ATK V2 Automatic Top-Off Kit

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The Neptune Systems ATK V2 (Version 2) Automatic Top-Off Kit is a simple, standalone, and complete solution for replacing water lost to evaporation. You do NOT need an Apex Controller to use this product.


The new aquarium hobbyist has many challenges, but none is more annoying than the chore of adding water, every day, to make up for that lost to evaporation (a.k.a. topping off/up). This alone usually makes the automatic top-off (ATO) device the first piece of automation equipment purchased.


The ironic flip side of this decision is that a faulty ATO device is one of the leading reasons for catastrophic aquarium failure, or even worse, flooding of the house or business.


Not all ATO devices are created equal. Sadly, many ATOs on the market are made with cheap components, have very little protection against these catastrophes, and are just a nightmare to assemble and install correctly. Because ATO failure can be so catastrophic, the ATK V2 Automatic Top-Off Kit is designed with three layers of redundant monitoring and water-level control. The ATK does the work for you, while at the same time protecting your tank and your home.


  • New PMUP Pump with improved reliability and longevity. 100 gph. 14 foot lift. 24V DC. Vertical design to better fit in water jugs.
  • You do NOT need an Apex Controller to use this product
  • Plug & play Operation
  • Two optical sensors with no moving parts
  • Mechanical float valve. Audible alarms.
  • Advanced features unlocked when paired with an Apex Controller