Maxspect Jump SK800 Protein Skimmer

Maxspect Jump SK800 Protein Skimmer

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The Maxspect Jump SK800 Protein Skimmer is innovative and attractive. With a feature loaded controllable DC pump, patented dual needle wheel impeller, easy flow control and a design that makes maintenance easy, it's truly a game changing skimmer. The controller controls the flow of the pump, has a feed button and has the all-important over flow detection.

Product Details:

  • For tanks up 237 gallons with a heavy bio-load, 475 gallons with a medium bio-load and 713 gallons with a light bio-load.
  • User Manual (PDF in New Window). This Manual has some great graphics that show how easy it is to clean the Jump Skimmer.
  • Dual Water Inlets: The skimmer sucks water from both sides of the skimmer through dual outlets.
  • Water Outlet:You can control the water volume flowing out of the skimmer by turning the water level adjuster.
  • Dual Needle Wheels: Each water inlet features dual needle wheels. One is spinning while the other one is static. This unique design makes the bubbles generated even smaller and higher density than traditional needle wheel skimmers.
  • Over Flow Sensor: An over flow sensor which can detect the water level of the collection cup and send warning signal when necessary.
  • Footprint: 10.5" X 7.75". Skimmer Height: 23.5".
  • Inner waterflow: 475 GPH. Air intake: 211 GPH.
  • The optimal water level of the skimmer is in between 7.5"-9.5". Exceeding the max water level may cause the leaking of water from the knob.
  • Each water inlet/outlet requires at least 1" space.