Lifegard Pro-MAX 5" Body 55W Amalgam High Output UV Sterilizer

Lifegard Pro-MAX 5" Body 55W Amalgam High Output UV Sterilizer

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The Lifegard Aquatics Pro-MAX 5" Body 90W Amalgam High Output UV Sterilizer features a patent-pending, flow-through design with less restrictive than usual angled inlet and outlet ports requiring less plumbing. This unique design enables easy installation of new or replacement systems as it can be positioned in multiple ways to fit tight spaces.

    • 4,000 GPH max flow rate. Requires a pump with a flow rate less than 4,000 GPH. Recommended 2,100 GPH algae & bacteria flow rate.
    • For aquariums up to 350 gallons. For ponds up to 6,000 gallons.
    • 26.9" length X 6.6" width X 9.85" height
    • Connections: 2" slip inlet & outlet union fittings. The angled fittings can easily be turned so that the connecting pipes can meet the UV at a variety of angles.
    • This am Amalgam unit with a ballast that counts down the number of days until you need to replace the bulb. The green light on the ballast will be lit up when everything is working properly. The red light will come on and the ballast will beep when the UV is not working properly (e.g. bulb failure, leak into the quartz sleeve, short circuit).