Lifegard Heavy Drift Wood Size 5"-8"

Lifegard Heavy Drift Wood Size 5"-8"

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Bring Texture and Color to your Aquascape

  • All-natural, highest-grade driftwood
  • Perfect for freshwater aquariums or reptile terrariums
  • Natural source of tannins
  • Great base for mosses
  • Adds height and depth to your aquascape
  • Every piece is unique and varies from 8 to 15 inches in length

Natural driftwood pieces from Lifegard Aquatics are the perfect addition to any freshwater aquarium or reptile terrarium. Use them as a base to tie or glue down moss and other epiphytes, or simply incorporate them into your aquascape for additional texture and interest. Being rich in natural tannins, these wood pieces will color the water with a slightly brown or yellow tint during the first few weeks of use. This is a natural and even beneficial phenomenon; however, if you'd like to reduce tannin leaching, you can boil the wood prior to use and add activated carbon to speed up its clearing process. 

Wood will naturally float until it is fully waterlogged. Use rock, stone, or gravel to stabilize your piece during the first few days of use, until it becomes fully saturated.

As these are natural pieces of driftwood, each piece will vary in color, shape, and size. Photos are an example, but not an exact representation.