Emperor Aquatics 30" Skid Mounted System Up to 18,000-Gallon Pond

Emperor Aquatics 30" Skid Mounted System Up to 18,000-Gallon Pond

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Manufacturer Information

  • Self-Contained, Ships Completely Assembled and Ready for Installation

  • Effective PSP Filter Performance Maximizes Solid Waste Capture, as well as Bio-Filtration

  • Six-Way, Multi-Port Valve allows for Quick and Easy Servicing

  • Multi-Lamp, High-Output UV Sterilizer Provides Optimum Protection from Waterborne Pathogens, Viruses, Algae, Bacteria and Protozoa

  • Entire System is Watertight and Designed for Outdoor Operation

  • Main Power Switches Operate Pump and UV Sterilizer Independently

  • Water Flow Safety Switch Protects the UV Sterilizer from Overheating during a "No-Flow" Situation

  • Centralized Inlet/Outlet Ports with Unions provide Easy Plumbing Installation and Disassembly

    The HydraPAK Pond Filtration Systems combine exceptional PSP (Pressure Sinking Pellet) solid waste removal with the best in UV Sterilization. Each filter component is precisely matched to the system's predetermined flow rate to ensure the best possible protection for your pond. HydraPAK Filter Systems effectively remove solid waste while eliminating waterborne pathogens, viruses, algae, bacteria,and protozoa.

    HydraPAK Pond Filter Systems feature quality components and workmanship. Each HydraPAK Filter System is assembled at our facility and shipped ready for installation.

    Recommended Filter Applications
    HydraPAK Pond Filter Systems provide effective mechanical and biological filtration, combined with optimum UV Sterilization for total protection against waterborne pathogens. Available in sizes capable of treating pond applications up to 25,800 gallons, HydraPAK Filter Systems prove to be the all-in-one solution for large pond filtration.

    For Best Filtration Results
    The HydraPAK Pond Filter System requires a level platform for proper operation. Increase the amount of clean water returns and add tank eductors to maximize water circulation inside the pond, this helps to suspend solid waste allowing it to reach the skimmer/drain and ultimately the filter. In an outdoor application use approved outdoor-rated electrical receptacles.

  • HydraPAK Pond Filtration Systems Feature:

    Pentair Pump provides "pressure handling" performance for optimal filtering and backwash. Pump features a built-in strainer basket.

    PSP Filters six-way, multi-port valve allows for easy operation. Exclusive PSP Filter Laterals provide optimum circulation inside the filter for efficient filtering and backwash

    FilterCLAY Media resists caking creating creating a more efficient filter bed, which is best suited for heavy solid waste applications. Additionally, FilterCLAY's porous skin and core creates an exceptional environment for nitrifying colonies of beneficial bacteria.

    High-Output UV Sterilizer offers commercial-grade design and construction, featuring an efficient UV housing that utilizes the lamp's UV output to its maximum potential. Single-ended lamp/quartz sleeve power assemblies and flanged housing end caps simplify UV Sterilizer servicing. Our GPH T6 High-Output Lamps deliver optimal UV-C output and an incredible 9,000 hours of continual use while retaining 80% efficiency. The SMART HO ML UV Sterilizer is precisely matched to the system's flow rate and provides a constant UV dose of 30,000. This eliminates waterborne pathogens, viruses, algae, bacteria and protozoa.

    Water Flow Safety Switch automatically shuts down the SMART HO ML UV Sterilizer during "no water flow" situations to protect it from damage due to overheating.

    Watertight Power Hardware includes individual power switches for the Pentair Pump and SMART HO ML UV Sterilizer. The watertight power box allows for safe outdoor operation.

    Unionized Inlet/Outlet and Waste Ports are positioned together on one side of the skid for easy installation.

    Unionized Pump, Filter and UV Sterilizer Ports allow for easy disassembly and reassembly.