Eheim Plant Tongs 400 MM

Eheim Plant Tongs 400 MM

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EHEIM Plant tongs

Our plant tongs enable you to work in your aquarium without having to roll up your sleeves. You can place, move or remove plants and other items in the bottom of the tank and even difficult to reach become accessible. Dead leaves or plant stems can be cut off in exactly the right place and removed from the water.

The plant tongs are extremely useful for feeding bottom dwelling fish in a marine aquarium. There are two sizes with a length of either 40 or 60 cm.

  • For working in the aquarium – without wet hands
  • Even difficult to access places are easy to reach
  • Use for cutting off dead parts of plants
  • Available in 400mm (16") or 600mm (24")

400 mm = 15.7 inches