Eheim CompactON Pump 1000

Eheim CompactON Pump 1000

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A small but versitile pump.

  • Small dimensions with high power for many different uses
  • Fully submersible & easy to conceal
  • For use underwater and keeping/rearing tanks where reliable water conveyance circulation flow is required
  • Adjustable flow rate between 40-80gph
  • Comes with suction holders to stick on the tank (fits in small places)

3 year warranty


  • Small dimensions together with high power and many different uses are the most important criteria of this pump series.
  • 3 models with maximum powers of 80, 16, and 267 US GAL cover many application areas.
  • The capacity of all 3 models is adjustable.
  • The priming screen protects the pump and aquarium inhabitants from damage.
  • Adjustable flow rate on slidable output regulator easily attached by the included suction holders
  • Extremely quiet Low power consumption.
  • EHEIM compact pumps are fully submersible and easy to conceal.
  • The pump can be easily fixed on panes with the included suction holders