DrTim's Aquatics NP-Active Pearls 3785ml

DrTim's Aquatics NP-Active Pearls 3785ml

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DrTim's Aquatics NP-Active Pearls 3785ml

A novel, innovative way, using PURE biodegradable bio-polymers, to control nitrate and phosphate in your aquarium.

  • Specially developed for aquariums
  • Works in ALL aquariums
  • Safe for ALL fish and corals
  • PURE - no fillers, no chemicals
  • Easier than carbon dosing
  • Ultimate in carbon bio-polymer
  • ASTM D7081 Certified Marine Biodegradable
  • Made in the USA

Quick Look – NP-Active Pearls

General Notes:

NP-Active Pearls should be placed in a reactor so that they are constantly turning and oxygenated. It may take 2 to 4 weeks for the Pearls to become covered with beneficial bacteria.*

A good protein skimmer is strongly recommended for best results as this will effectively remove much of the bacteria biomass produced by the Pearls.

Do not let the Pearls become static as this may result in anaerobic conditions and the possible production of hydrogen sulfide. If this happens, remove the Pearls from the reactor, gently rinse the Pearls, clean the reactor and restart the Pearls.


NP-Active Pearls should be used at a rate of 3 ml of Pearls gallon of aquaria water (1/4 cup NP-Active Pearls per 20 gallons of water).

However, when first starting with Pearls, use 1 ml per gallon and add more Pearls over the first month.

NP-Active Pearls will be consumed over time and will need to be replenished. Do not wait until the reactor is empty of Pearls before adding more.

*Use Waste-Away to help seed the NP-Active Pearls.