Coral Box Cloud C9 protein skimmer

Coral Box Cloud C9 protein skimmer

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The Cloud C9 is powered by a Jebao DCS4,000 pump with a needle-wheel impeller for maximum aeration. The air input, water output, and pump speed are all adjustable.

The pump has 10 output settings that are controlled with an included controller, or can be controlled with an aquarium controller and the proper hardware. The pump has a soft-start function as well, being that it is DC powered, the controller will start it off at a low speed, and slowly ramp it up to the speed you set to prevent overflows on startup.

The Coral Box Cloud C9 Protein Skimmer works on medium to well stocked tanks from 250-400 gallons in total water volume. The skimmer has a base diameter of 8 3/4″ and a height of 21″ with the cup.

The skimmer cup has a drain that includes a drain hose and valve.