CaribSea Super Naturals Crystal River 20 lbs

CaribSea Super Naturals Crystal River 20 lbs

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CaribSea Super Naturals Crystal River 20 lbs - #00840

Super Naturals™

Create a supernatural experience by re-creating the natural world in your home. Enjoy a piece of the Rio Negro as it winds its way through dark and brooding jungles. Own a sliver of the sunlit Sri Lankan gravel streams famous for sapphires and rubies. Dramatic black sand rivers and beaches grace the flanks of verdant tropical islands capped by smouldering volcanoes. These exotic locales provide the backdrop for some of the world’s most spectacular aquatic life. The Super Naturals™ line is specially selected and crafted to match these exotic environments.

- Soft belly safe, smooth grains.

- Will not affect pH or hardness.

- Percet for Freshwater community aquariums.

- Suitable for Marine and Brackish aquariums with proper buffering.

Crystal River

Typical Size: 0.5 – 1.0mm
Average Density: 95 pounds per cubic foot