CaribSea South Seas 12" Arches 4 pack 20 lbs

CaribSea South Seas 12" Arches 4 pack 20 lbs

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South Seas rock is the premium choice of natural base rock for marine, reef, and African cichlid aquariums. Incredible macro and micro porosity for the ultimate biological media, and beautiful shapes and gnarly texture perfect for invertebrate placement.

South Seas Shapes and Arches blend beautifully with our South Seas BaseSouth Seas Flatz, and South Seas Shelf rock, so you can easily create incredible displays.

South Seas Arches are a type of dry live rock from CaribSea that can be used to create multi-dimensional aquascapes in saltwater aquariums. Each box contains four 12-inch arches. The arches are made of real aragonitic base rock, which is infused with spore bacteria for biological performance. They are safe for all fish and inverts. 
South Seas Arches can be used in reef, marine, or African cichlid tanks. They blend well with other CaribSea South Seas rock, including South Seas Base, South Seas Flatz, and South Seas Shelf rock. 
Other CaribSea South Seas products include: 
  • South Seas Flatz: These natural calcium carbonate rocks can be used to create ledges, platforms, and caves. They can also be used to design substructures, rock footers, and sandless substrate beds.
  • CaribSea South Seas Base Rock: This rock is great for sea aquariums, reef, and cichlid bins.

What's Included?

(4x) 12” Arches