Bubble Magus Simulation Moonlight LED II

Bubble Magus Simulation Moonlight LED II

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12-volt DC drive, power is only 2 watts, safe power.

Pure Blue LED 24 luminous stars.

Auto-sensitive switch, the light switch to automatically turn on the lights dark.

Adjustable photographic sensitivity.

Adjustable brightness

Simulate the effect of moonlight, auto-sensing light, light, dark (at night from the main light off) automatically open during the day and auto-off.

24 pure blue light-emitting high-brightness LED components to do, life is very long, in the fish tank to create a submarine Youlan effect.

Easy installation, vat you can put on the stretch, the small cylinder and opening up on the cylinder can be hung on the cylinder wall, suitable for 16-30 mm thickness of glass,

The circular light-emitting body can be rotated 360 degrees, adjust any lighting angle,

Use 12V power converter, security, total power consumption is only 2W