Brightwell Alkalin-P 8.3 - Dry pH/KH Builder 500g

Brightwell Alkalin-P 8.3 - Dry pH/KH Builder 500g

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Brightwell Alkalin-P 8.3 - Dry pH/KH Builder 500g - #01099

KH Buffer Powder for all Marine Fish and Reef Aquaria


  • Unlike single component KH products such as sodium carbonate, Alkalin 8.3P is a multi-component automatic buffer that regulates pH and its use makes for a much more stable aquarium. Eliminates pH and KH instability caused by poor salt mixes and ineffective buffering products.
  • Highly-effective alkalinity-increasing (”buffer”) powdered blend.
  • Helps increase pH stability in an aquarium by raising the alkalinity; continued addition raises
    pH until 8.3 is reached, at which point the pH remains unchanged and the alkalinity alone increases.
    alone increases.
  • Provides a source of carbonates, which make up the majority by weight of aragonite, the
    mineral secreted by reef-building organisms as skeletal material.
  • Determine alkalinity in aquarium with an accurate test kit prior to supplementing.
  • Do not add this product directly to an aquarium without first diluting in water as directed.