Boyd Chemi-pure Elite 47 oz.

Boyd Chemi-pure Elite 47 oz.

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Boyd Chemi-pure Elite 47 oz. - #16745

The Boyd Chemipure Elite has the filtration capability of the Boyd Chemipure but it's loaded with ferric oxide to help quickly get rid of phosphates and silicates. 

Boyd Chemipure Elite is an easy-to-use filter media which contains activated carbons and ion exchange resins that remove waste and nitrogen build-up in your tank. Dissolved organic food waste, animal waste and other biological by-products can pollute aquarium water, making the tank unpleasant to look at and to live in. If waste products are not removed, bacteria and other harmful organisms could bloom. Boyd Chemipure takes care of this without changing water chemistry and pH levels, removing trace elements, or harming your organisms. 

  • Chemical absorption filter and ion generator and exchange unit
  • Keeps pH at a perfect constant level
  • For use with African Cichlids and Discus
  • Needs replacement only every six months
  • Soft corals thrive and grow luxuriously with absolutely no water change
  • Does not remove trace elements
  • Aids in the natural balance of positive and negative charges
  • Can be used with all water types