Bashsea Bio Reactor 6-18"

Bashsea Bio Reactor 6-18"

192.00 Ounces
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Bashsea Bio Reactor 6-18"

*No longer includes Gate Valve

O-ring Seals

For Marine or Freshwater environments

Gate valve allows precise control of water level

Counter-current flow design maximizes media dwell time which results in rapid and continual waste removal making the Bio Reactor a 100% self cleaning system

Friction created by media interaction releases old dead bacteria and opens up space for new heavier feeding bactiera to colonize quickly

Product Dims - 12.25"x7.25"x18" / Chamber Diameter - 6"

Base Dims - 12.25"x7.25"

Water Input - 0.5"

Drain Diameter - 1"

Air Input - 0.125" Hose Barb

Ideal Flow Rate Min/Max - 150-250gph

Rated for aquariums 50-75gal