ASF Alkalinity KH Test Kit

ASF Alkalinity KH Test Kit

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  • This test kit is designed for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums, ponds, and turtle enclosures.
  • The kit provides fast, easy, and accurate measurements.
  • Each kit includes a micro-syringe to ensure accurate testing.
  • Multiple tests are included in the kit, so you can test when you need to.
  • These tests are manufactured and quality-tested in Europe.

Accurately measure the KH values in your aquarium with the ASF SEATEST KH (Alkalinity) Fish Aquarium Water Test Kit. KH helps prevent pH changes in water. But, over time, the LH value and pH value can change—thanks to biological processes. Life in aquariums and ponds responds sensitively to these changes, so it is very important to monitor, and stabilize. Luckily, these tests can help you with that, and with multiple tests in the kit, you can test often.