Aqueon T8 Fluorescent Strip Light 48"

Aqueon T8 Fluorescent Strip Light 48"

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Aqueon T8 Fluorescent Strip Light 48" - #25948

This fits Aqueon tanks that are 48"L x 18"W

Strip Lights are used with glass tops for proper aquarium lighting. Fluorescent models feature internally mounted electronic ballasts with instant-start circuits that allow operation on a timer or switch-controlled outlet. All fluorescent models also include full spectrum fluorescent lamps.

  • For use with Aqueon Glass Tops
  • Strip light replacements for Aqueon Full Hoods
  • Includes one T8 fluorescent daylight bulb
  • Instant-on, no flickering
  • Easy On/Off operation, timer compatible or can be used with switch-controlled outlet
  • For freshwater aquarium use
  • Fits Aquarium Sizes 33 Long, 40 Long, 55, 72 Bow, 75, 90, 120