Aquarium Elements TDS / pH / EC / Temp Meter

Aquarium Elements TDS / pH / EC / Temp Meter

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? ?? ? ??????????????? ?????????? - 4 in 1 pH tester, you can accurately measure the PH, TDS, EC and Temp values. Comprehensive water quality testing to ensure we can use healthy water.

???? ?? ??? ?? ?????r - Just immerse the pH meter‘s electrode in the target solution, press and hold the HOLD/TEMP button after the reading is stable, and then read the data. Before using pH meter again, please clean the probe carefully to avoid affecting the reading.

???? ???????? ?? ????? ?????? - With the highly sensitive probe, you can quickly read the results. Wide measuring range and high resolution of this 4-in1 pH meter guarantee that you can measure different kinds of liquids.

????????? ??????????? ???????????n - With the pH Meter's accurate ATC, the pH/TDS/EC/Temp function can accurately read sample values over a wide temperature range of 32°F-140°F. Effectively solve the problem of inaccurate measurements caused by changes in liquid temperature.

??????? ??????? ????? ?????? - The water quality tester uses an advanced LCD backlit display design, making readings easier and clearer. The data can be clearly seen even in the dark.

?????-??????? ?? ?????? - This pH tester digital helps you find out the quality of water for drinking, bathing, a cup of salt water, pools, etc. The pH tester digital also helps you get a clear insight into the nutrient levels in hydroponic setups, garden soil, etc.

????? ????? ?? ?????? - Includes 1x digital pH meter, 1x usual manual, 3x 1.5V (LR44) coin cell batteries and 3x pH calibration powder.