AquaFX Clear Blaster AIO Media Nano

AquaFX Clear Blaster AIO Media Nano

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Clear Blaster is the ONLY AIO (all-in-one) filter media that uses the best NORIT® ROX 0.8 carbon!
- Combination of ROX 0.8 carbon and AquaFX Organic Blaster Media
- Clarifies your aquarium
- Removes organics and tannins
- Removes odors
- Improves fish health
- Reduces algae growth
- 2 sizes available: Nano (90ml, up to 35 gallons), Regular (180ml, up to 70 gallons), available individually or in bulk (5-pack)
ROX 0.8 carbon is considered to be the best activated carbon for aquariums by hobbyists and professionals. Not only does it clear up your aquarium quicker than competing carbons, it also keeps working longer. The Clear Blaster takes this great-performing carbon and combines it with our Organics Blaster Media. This combination helps to further boost the performance of the media and helps to keep your aquarium clearer and healthier.
Rinse the Clear Blaster for 5-10 seconds under cold running water. The Clear Blaster contains minimal carbon fines so it rinses quickly. Place the Clear Blaster in your hang-on power filter, canister filter, internal filter or the filter chamber of your AIO (all-in-one aquarium). The Clear Blaster should be placed after the mechanical filter (filter pad or filter sponge). If you are using the Clear Blaster in a sump, place it in a high-flow area where water can flow through the filter bag. For freshwater and planted aquariums, the Clear Blaster should be replaced every 2-3 months (depending on bioload). For Saltwater and Reef Aquariums, the Clear Blaster should be replaced every 1-2 months.