AquaFX Blue Fin 4-Stage RO/DI System 500GPD

AquaFX Blue Fin 4-Stage RO/DI System 500GPD

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The AquaFX Blue Fin is nothing like you have ever seen before! 500GPD at standard household pressure without the need of a booster pump (500GPD @65PSI, 77-degree water & 250ppm TDS). The Blue Fin gives you a ton of water FAST! All without the need of a booster pump. It is perfect for hobbyists that have larger aquariums as well as anyone who's tired of sitting around waiting hours and hours for water production.

The Blue Fin features larger 10" x 4" pre-filters and 10" x 4" Deionization filter. This translates to longer contact time for proper operation and longer service life so you are not changing the filters as frequently.

*ships LTL Freight



  • 500GPD without a booster pump!
  • more than double the capacity of a standard RO/DI system with 10x2 cartridges
  • Triple-TDS Meter w/ Backlit Display
  • Automatic Shut Off Kit
  • Adjustable Flow Restrictor
  • Quick-Disconnect Check Valve


  • Hand-built in the USA by AquaFX! 
  • 0 TDS Water! Zero Phosphate, Ultra Pure Laboratory Grade Water Purifier 
  • Large 10x4 prefilters and DI
  • Remove Harmful Impurities from Your Water 
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Bracket 


  • 4-Stage Filtration 
  • Stage 1 - AquaFX Premium 1-micron Sediment Filter - 10"x4"
  • Stage 2 - AquaFX Chlorine Guzzler Carbon Block Pre-filter - 10"x4"
  • Stage 3 - AquaFX TFC 500GPD Light-Commercial RO Membrane (made in the USA) 
  • Stage 4 - AquaFX Mixed Bed Color Indicating Zero TDS DI resin (USA Resin)  - 10"x4"
  • Pressure Gauge 
  • Quick Connect Fittings 
  • 10" Canister Filter Wrench for easy filter changes 
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Mounting Bracket 
  • inlet & product lines: 3/8", waste-water line: 1/4"


  • Blue Fin RO/DI Filter and cartridges 
  • Back-Lit Triple-TDS Meter
  • Hose Bib Adapter
  • 10" Canister Filter Wrench for easy filter changes 
  • 6 feet of supply tube, drain tube and product tube 
  • AquaFX Instruction manual