Aqua Ultraviolet Ozone/UV Combo Unit 80 Watt 2" White 2/L

Aqua Ultraviolet Ozone/UV Combo Unit 80 Watt 2" White 2/L

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Perfect for aquariums and ponds found in public parks, golf courses, or residential areas, our Ozone/UV 80 Watt Unit is equipped with the newest and best UV sterilization technology. 

The unit harnesses the sun’s germicidal beams, magnified a hundred times to provide a dependable, economical, and eco-friendly substitute for chemical pond water purifiers and their byproducts. 

Because this pond water purifier uses ozone/UV, it also effectively removes color, organics, and pesticides from water. This process is natural, inexpensive, and non-polluting. The UV’s germicidal rays are applied to water as it passes through the unit body. 

The water’s pH level, chemical makeup, taste, and smell are preserved because the process doesn’t include any chemicals. Additionally, an ozone/UV water purifier ensures that no unnecessary byproducts are produced.

2" Inlet/Outlet

Fresh Water Sterilizer 2,200-4,400 gals / Flowrate - 3,678 gph for 30,000 µw/cm2
Ozone Grams Per Day 48
Salt Water Sterilizer to 600 gals / Flowrate 1,226 gph for 90,000 µw/cm2