Philips CoralCare Gen2 Controller

Philips CoralCare Gen2 Controller

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The Philips CoralCare Gen2 Controller controls the Phillips CoralCare Gen2 LED Fixtures. Using the Controller you can control the light wirelessly using your mobile device or PC. The CoralCare Gen2 Controller can control up to four of the Philips CoralCare Gen2 Black LED Fixtures. It's compatible with the CoralCare Gen1 fixtures.

With the Controller you use direct control or programmed control. Direct control is for maintenance or checking on your reef inhabitants. There's an acclimatization phase for introducing new corals, which allows you to gradually increase the intensity of the light to match the needs of your corals.

When programming you can choose from user-friendly pre-programmed lighting schedules or easily create a custom 24-hour lighting schedule to suit your coral needs. You can even share your lighting schedules with other reefers!

Pre-Defined Schedules:

  • Shallow Reef: mimics the natural behavior of sunlight at shallow water depth and maximizes light output
  • Natural Reef: mimics the natural behavior of sunlight at average depth. Ideal for a mixed reef.
  • Deep Reef: mimics the natural behavior of sunlight at deep ocean depths. Ideal to highlight the fluorescence of LPS corals
  • Overcast Reef: mimics the natural behavior of sunlight while simulating an overcast sky during noon. Maintains a more constant light output over the day while changing color point