Maxspect JUMP DC Water Pump - 6K

Maxspect JUMP DC Water Pump - 6K

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Maxspect JUMP DC Water Pump - 6K

If you’ve seen this pump up close at MACNA or other aquariums shows recently, you probably already observed just how different the pump looks from other return pumps on the circuit. Not just it’s jet engine shape, but the outside surface of the pump looks like it has some sort of skin over it. In fact, it does! If you touch the pump, you can feel a smooth, rubberized coating on the outside. It definitely gives JUMP pumps a more tactile feel. It makes them easier to grip, too, when it comes time for cleaning or maintenance.


One feature we’re particularly excited about is Maxspect’s use of Sine Wave technology in the new JUMP pumps. Most aquarium pumps use a traditional electrical current that alternates sharply resulting in more noise at a higher decibel level. JUMP pumps use a Sine Wave Pattern that alternates in a much smoother pendulum. The noise reduction is nothing short of remarkable. If you’re looking for an affordable, controllable, and near-silent return pump, this is it!


Pump Controller Included—You Don’t Have to Buy Anything Else

You don’t need to purchase a sold separately pump controller to “unlock” the cool features that JUMP pumps have to offer. You don’t have to download an app or worry about WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. Every Maxspect JUMP Pump comes with its own external controller you can discreetly mount to your aquarium stand for quick and easy access to all of the control capabilities of your pump.


Adjusting the pump speed is as easy as turning up or down the volume on your television. There are 20 levels of flow speed, so you can crank it up to stir up detritus before a water change and ramp it down at night or when you introduce a new fish or coral. There are a couple of pulsing flow modes you can utilize to create natural, wave-like movement in your aquarium. As water rocks back and forth and corals sway in the currents like Mother Nature intended, you’ll be enjoying uninterrupted views of your reef thanks to the pump’s use of Sine-Wave Technology for near-silent operation. Tap the feed button and pause your pump to keep food in the tank where fish and corals can eat it instead of it floating off into your filtration system where it will break down and pollute your water.


Maxspect JUMP: Just Look for the Orange Color Accents!

Maxspect JUMP products are distinguished by their high-energy orange highlights. The cornerstones of the JUMP Series are affordability, efficiency, and dependability. If the value is what matters most to you, JUMP is the right choice for you. Look for that striking orange color when you’re shopping for aquarium gear and choose Maxspect JUMP for years of trouble-free operation.


Maxspect JUMP MJ-DC6k Pump Specs

Max Flow: 1,585 Gallons Per Hour    |    Max Head: 14 Feet


Model #: MJ-DC6k

Dimensions: 6.97” L x 3.66” W x H 3.07”

Voltage: DC24V, 4A

Power Usage: 70 Watts

Weight: 2.3lbs

Barbed Couplings: 1” (26 mm) and 1 ¼” (32 mm)

Controller Size: 2.4” W x 4” H



Flow Speeds (in Gallons Per Hour):


Level 1: 740 GPH

Level 2: 784 GPH

Level 3: 829 GPH

Level 4: 873 GPH

Level 5: 918 GPH

Level 6: 962 GPH

Level 7: 1007 GPH

Level 8: 1051 GPH

Level 9: 1096 GPH

Level 10: 1140 GPH

Level 11: 1185 GPH

Level 12: 1229 GPH

Level 13: 1274 GPH

Level 14: 1318 GPH

Level 15: 1363 GPH

Level 16: 1407 GPH

Level 17: 1452 GPH

Level 18: 1496 GPH

Level 19: 1541 GPH

Level 20: 1585 GPH



CoralVue, Inc. and Maxspect hereby guarantee this product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of:


One (1) year

Warranty is activated on the date of purchase.


This Standard Limited Warranty applies and is limited as follows:


To the product only as long as it remains in the possession of the original purchaser.

To the product that has not been subject to accident, misuse or abuse.

To the product that has not been modified, altered, defaced, or had repairs made or attempted by other than CoralVue, Inc.

That CoralVue be immediately notified in writing within ten (10) days of first knowledge of defect by owner or his agent.

That CoralVue, Inc. shall be given first opportunity to make any repairs, replacements or corrections to the defective construction within a reasonable period of time.

Under no circumstances shall CoralVue and/or the Manufacturer be liable by virtue of this warranty or otherwise for damage to any person or property whatsoever for any special, indirect, secondary or consequential damages of any nature however arising out of the use or inability to use because of the product defect.


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