Maxspect Gyre Turbine Duo 9K Pump

Maxspect Gyre Turbine Duo 9K Pump

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Maxspect Turbine Duo 9K


The first water pump that is configurable to the typical single input/output pump configuration as well as a dual input/output for additional flow reaching 2500gph!

Available Output Configurations

Single IN/OUT - Flow: 1,320gal | Head: 9ft Wattage: 45w
Double IN/OUT - Flow: 2,500gal | Head: 8ft | Wattage: 68w
Combined IN/OUT - Flow: 2,250gal | Head: 7.5ft Wattage: 68w

Multi Application DC Water Pump

  • Expandable to TWO Outputs
  • Capable of Multiple Configurations
  • Super Efficient Performance
  • Utilizes Sine Wave Technology for Silent Operation
  • Ultra Compact Flow
  • Multi-Directional Output(s)
  • Complete with Accessories and Adapters
  • Wireless Control with easy-to-use Syna-G app*