Innovative Marine HELIO Universal Heater Controller

Innovative Marine HELIO Universal Heater Controller

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Innovative Marine HELIO Universal Heater Controller - #10855

HELIO Universal Aquarium Heater Controller - Ultimate Temperature Control

The HELIO smart controller bridges the gap between hobby grade and commercial controllers. Its processor goes hand in hand with the titanium sensor to keep your temperature readings stable.

The controller comes fitted with a titanium remote temperature sensor and dual heating power lines. If the heating element/s of your choosing have their own controlling systems, you can create up to four independent temperature readings... Safety in redundancy.

The two power jacks accommodate up to 1000 watts in total for the heating elements that you choose to attach to the controller. A quick disconnect junction for the controller’s titanium temperature sensor make for easy maintenance and upgradeability.

After years in development, the HELIO controller helps you attain the optimal homeostatic reef aquarium temperature environment. Three main objectives met: Increased safety. Improved reliability. Providing a new reef aquarium heating technology superior to the long-held standard.

The HELIO Universal Controller.

Safe. Stable. Smart.