Hamilton Metal Halide 1000-Watt 10000K Bulb

Hamilton Metal Halide 1000-Watt 10000K Bulb

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True 10,000K

Ideal Choice for deep Freshwater, Planted, Reef and Marine Aquariums

Emits a Pure, Crisp Intense Bright White light with a high PAR value

Promotes the development of photosynthetic plants, anemones and coral

The most popular 10,000K metal halide bulb on the market for reef tanks and the most ice white in color

Use alone or add Actinics for a bluer effect

This bulb has a heavy concentration wavelength spike in the 420 and 460nm (nanometer) range with additional concentration spikes in the 380nm, 550nm and 580nm wavelengths

Use with 1000 watt Probe ballast with ANSI code M47

Used by many Public Aquariums around the world