Current USA eFlux DC Flow Pump 1900 GPH

Current USA eFlux DC Flow Pump 1900 GPH

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Current USA eFlux DC Flow Pump 1900 GPH

Model: 6010 DC Flow Pump 1900

GPH: 380-1900

Watts: 11 – 55

Head Pressure: 14.75 ft. / 4.5 m

Barbs Included: 3/4" & 1"

Dimensions: 6.4" x 3.5" x 4.7"

eFlux DC Flow Pumps are the perfect solution for an efficient, powerful yet quiet aquarium return pump.  Add an additional DC flow pumps for even more flow or for additional filter requirements.  You can also upgrade your controller HUB to Bluetooth when available.  eFlux DC Flow Pumps work seamlessly with Orbit IC LED lights and other eFlux pumps as part of a LOOP® network.


LOOP® is the first and only system designed for connecting and syncing lights, pumps and other accessories into a single, controllable network.


Expandable and upgradeable, LOOP® is the most affordable intelligent control solution focused on ease of operation and user experience.

    • Quiet operation
    • Up to 65% in energy savings
    • Safe, low voltage 24V DC
    • LOOP® compatible
    • Soft start gently ramps pump to speed
    • IC electronic detection protects pump if no water is present