Coral Box D300+ protein skimmer

Coral Box D300+ protein skimmer

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The D300+ Protein Skimmer has an internal DC powered pump which greatly reduces its footprint. The Base has a diameter of 5 3/4″, 6 1/2″ including the gate valve. The skimmer is 19″ tall with a neck diameter of 2.5″. The Cup diameter is 5.5″ with a height of 4 3/4″. The skimmer cup has a drain that includes a drain hose and valve.

Every Coral Box D300+ protein skimmer includes a fully controllable DCA1,200 pump. The pump includes a controller with 10 output modes, which allows you to adjust the flow rate from 10% to 100%. There are 3 feed timers, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or 50 minutes with 1, 2, or 3 presses of the feed button respectively. Press the button a fourth time to end the feed timer and power the skimmer back up.

The DCA pump also has a built in slow start feature, meaning it starts at 0% and slowly builds up in power until it reaches your flow setting. Every pump includes a float switch, which can be mounted directly into your skimmer’s collection cup. When the cup is full, it will shut your pump off and sound an alarm.

The Coral Box D300+ uses less power the lower you run your pump. They’re not only efficient in terms of power use. The DC pump allows you to dial in your skimmer to match your tanks specific needs.

Tank Size: 40 and 100 gallons in total water volume.