biOrb TUBE 15 black MCR

biOrb TUBE 15 black MCR

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biOrb TUBE 15

The biOrb TUBE is ideal for keeping small fish or shrimps and is compact enough to place on your desk or in a small space. It delivers a 360° viewing area and because of this it gives the appearance of being bigger than it really is.

For your peace of mind, the light and pump are low voltage and both are backed by a 2 year guarantee. The aquarium itself is made from acrylic which is ten times stronger than glass and 23% clearer.

Electrical and environmental requirements

    Line voltage: 12V AC

    Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz, single phase

    Maximum continuous power: 13W

Safety standards

Complies with UL, ULC and CE safety requirements.

    Height: 31.5 cm

    Diameter: 32 cm

    Weight (empty): 6kg

    Weight (full): 21kg

    Volume: 15 litres

The Multi-Coloured Remote-Controlled LED light

Now you can enjoy the magic of multi-coloured lighting in your biOrb at the touch of a button. Simply choose your favourite colour or scroll through the entire spectrum of light.

What's more, it is an automatic setting which simulates a natural light cycle for your fish. An inbuilt timer phases the light through a 24 hour period from daylight to moonlight and back again. Simply choose from the 8, 10 and 12 hour daylight settings and the MCR light will do the rest.

You can leave it running 24/7, so if you are late home or away on holiday your fish's routine is not disturbed.