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The BiOrb MCR LED Light, Small, is an upgrade to the lighting for the BiOrb Classic 15, Classic 30, Classic 60, Classic 105, Life 15, BiUbe and Tube Aquariums. It's also a replacement part for the BiOrb aquariums that came with the MCR LED S Lighting (EXCEPT FOR THE HALO). 

The BiOrb MCR LED Light, Small, can be used in manual or cycle (automatic) modes. In the cycle mode you can choose an 8, 10, 12 or 14 hour cycle. In each cycle there is a 15 minute sunrise period where the light ramps up to full brightness and the end of the cycle the light ramps down. During the off hours only a dim night light will operate. NOTE: When you turn on the light it will flash and turn off. This is normal. You then control it with the remote.

In manual mode you will have control over the color mix and the brightness of the light. The LEDs are white, blue, green and red.

Includes the MCR LED light, remote control and clear adapter ring. Light dimensions 4-5/16". Clear adapter ring dimensions: 5-11/16".