Aqueon OptiBright LED Fixture 30-36"

Aqueon OptiBright LED Fixture 30-36"

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The slim, low-profile Aqueon OptiBright LED Fixture, 30-36", features built-in LED lighting ideal for freshwater or marine fish-only aquariums. Two individual touch controls provide the option to have the white/red LEDs on during the day and the blue moon glow LEDs at night. The fixture also includes adjustable legs that can be extended to accommodate multiple aquarium lengths.

  • 30" Fixture. Legs extend to 36".
  • Red, white and blue LEDs
  • Appropriate for fish-only tanks
  • Separate waterproof touch control buttons for blue (moon glow accent for night) and white/red LEDs. One power cord. Timer compatible
  • 48X white LEDs; 6X blue LEDs; 6X red LEDs